Who Wants to Be a DJ? Learn the Basics!


With Instructor DJ Nicki Reed,Professional event DJ since 1999, Founder of Red Tie Entertainment

January & February: Dates to be announced. 6:00pm–9:00pm

Cost: $50 per student

Description of class:

  • Recommended equipment and top recommended brands
  • Library Basics and organization in iTunes
  • Different Types of DJs
  • Different types of DJ computer programs
  • itunes & MegaSeg software Basics
  • How to run an event - picking the right songs to DJ a great party
  • Bells & Whistles - DJ lighting, giveaways, props...all the extras that make the event fun
  • Best Practices
  • Client Relations
  • Pricing
  • Branding
  • Tips on how to stay organized
  • Basic track editing in garageband
  • How to stay current with music
  • How often to update/upgrade equipment
  • Basic Business Accounting recommendations

To Enroll Please Call Red Tie Entertainment at (978) 300-5301 or email nicki@redtieentertainment.com

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