Sound Technicians - Izzy Gracey & Nicki Reed

Plays, Recitals, Band shows

Izzy Gracey

Izzy started as a Vinyl DJ in 1997 playing various venues in new England. Izzy later went on to study IT. Izzy started working at Music Elements School of Music in Chelmsford, Mass 5 years ago as a manager. With Izzy's DJ background, IT skills and and great ear for sound he then became the band roadie and sound technician for the band "The Elements" for the 6 piece band "The Elements." For four years he has been traveling around helping the band set up for public events and running the sound board, making sure they sound great! He also runs the sound for all of he recitals for Music Elements School of Music which has over 150 students. Recently, Izzy Gracey started also working as the Sound Technician for Chelmsford's Center for the Arts, the CCA running sound for plays, recitals, band shows and other events.
Sound Tech        Sound Tech

DJ Nicki Reed

Nicki also runs sound for recitals and talent shows, like "Apple Fall Fest" of Chelmsford and "Wilmington Has Talent."
Sound Technician Pricing Depends on the scale and length of the show involved. Please call for a free consultation and estimate.